Taleem School Sarmaya

For Working capital needs.

TFCL is providing funds for capital of the business which is used in its day to day operations.Such as bulk purchases of uniforms & books, class renewals and advance salaries.

Taleem School Asasah

For Fixed Assets, Equipment & infrastructure.

Funds are provided for the purchase of the assets which are used for long-term use such as purchase of land, construction of additional classrooms.

Taleem Dost Sahulat

For contractors and suppliers.

TFCL not only provides funds for the educational institutes, but also the contractors and suppliers of school products across all corners of the country and provide them easy.

Taleem Teacher Sahulat

For teachers and school owners.

Well trained teachers produce the best results and give students an edge in the growing competitive landscape. The TTS provides the ability to teachers to invest in their won capacity by helping them access funds

Teleem Jari Sahulat

For Parents to manage School fees and learning aids.

One of the major reasons for drop outs from schools is the parents in ability to manage their cash flows for school fee. The TJS will give parents the ability to become more disciplined in their fee payment behavior:

Taleem Quality Improvement Program

Customized education quality improvement programs for schools.

No school can claim to be doing justice to its cause till the learning outcomes and quality of its passing out students can be matched to the best in class from all respects.