Taleem School Sarmaya (TSS) -For Working capital needs between Rs.100,000 to Rs.1,500,000:

Every school faces the challenge of meeting their daily cash flow needs effectively. The TSS product will enable schools to manage the following activities with convenience:

  • Managing vendor payments towards bulk purchase of books, uniforms etc.
  • Making timely utility bills payments for ensuring the services are not disturbed.
  • Payment to be made/made against renewal of recognition or new recognition for higher classes.
  • Advance payment of salary and perks to teachers.
  • Payments to be made for registration or recognition with regulatory authorities.
  • Paying fee for education quality improvement trainings,seminars or courses for the schools owners, principals and teachers.
  • Paying fee for education quality improvement trainings, seminars or courses for the schools owners, principals and teachers
  • Any other urgent working capital needs.

Taleem School Asasah (TSA) -For Fixed Assets, Equipment & infrastructure between Rs 2,000,000 to Rs.5,000,000 (Collateralized):

A successful school continues to focus on improving its infrastructure and invests in the comfort of its students for best learning outcomes. The TSA product will enable a school to manage the following activities with a clear funding plan to ensure these major expenses are undertaken most effectively:

  • Construction of new school building.
  • Construction of additional classrooms in existing schools.
  • Construction of school staff offices, staff quarters, administrative office, library, laboratories, garden, hostel, kitchen, canteen and other space related to running the school.
  • Carrying out additions/alterations/major repairs to the existing school building including re-modelling and re-construction.
  • Purchase of land for school playground /construction of school building/setting up of a new branch.
  • Purchase of school furniture like benches, desks in any material, purchase of library books, laboratory equipment, computers, smart boards, laptops, tablets, play equipment, etc.
  • Replacement of old school furniture.
  • Replacement of old and worn out electrical fittings, electrical wires, sanitary wires and pipes, doors/windows, roofing works, etc.
  • Setting up of a library.
  • Any other capital expenditure which would improve the infra-structure of the school.

Taleem Dost Sahulat (TDS) -For contractors and suppliers of school product from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,500,000:

Every school has some key vendors or partners and they too need to manage finances for ensuring continuity of services to the school.The TDS will enable the schools to have a finance providers available on their door steps to meet the financial challenges that their vendors may face through the following options:

  • Loans for canteen operators, stationery shops and uniform providers.
  • Financial products for the suppliers of any education related services to the schools tailored to their specific needs.

Taleem Teacher Sahulat (TTS) –– For teachers and principals to invest on their own capacity building from Rs 50,000 to Rs 500,000:

Well trained teachers produce the best results and give students an edge in the growingcompetitive landscape . The TTS provides the ability to teachers to invest in their won capacity by helping them access funds for the following activities:

  • Training course fees.
  • Certifications which enable teachers to progress in their roles.
  • Any other financial need that teachers feel will enhance their skill set.

Teleem Jari Sahulat (TJS) For Parents to manage School fees and learning aids from Rs 50,000 to Rs 500,000:

One of the major reasons for drop outs from schools is the parents in ability to manage their cash flows for school fee. The TJS will give parents the ability to become more disciplined in their fee payment behavior by giving them the following options:

  • Fee payment loans for small tenures.
  • Working capital loans for their home needs.
  • Business loans to support their businesses and enable them to generate sufficient revenue to keep paying schools fees.

Taleem Quality Improvement Program (TQIP) -Customized education quality improvement programs for schools. These will be run internally by TFCL or through partnerships with other industry experts:

No school can claim to be doing justice to its cause till the learning outcomes and quality of its passing out students can be matched to the best in class from all respects. TQIP will equip all schools working with TFCL to become providers of high-quality education by investing in the following:

  • Best practices in school management and operations for school owners and principals.
  • How to make schools more sustainable/profitable by equipping owners/directors of schools with key performance indicators scorecards for monitoring progress.
  • Teacher training skills and latest techniques.
  • Industry practices on improving key learning outcomes.
  • Making schools capable of delivering the curriculum at the highest quality.
  • Other need based trainings for the school owners, teachers and parents.