Taleem Quality Improvement Program


Taleem Quality Improvement Program (TQIP)

Customized education quality improvement programs for schools. These will be run internally by TFCL or through partnerships with other industry experts:

No school can claim to be doing justice to its cause till the learning outcomes and quality of its passing out students can be matched to the best in class from all respects. TQIP will equip all schools working with TFCL to become providers of high-quality education by investing in the following:

  • Best practices in school management and operations for school owners and principals.
  • How to make schools more sustainable/profitable by equipping owners/directors of schools with key performance indicators scorecards for monitoring progress.
  • Teacher training skills and latest techniques.
  • Industry practices on improving key learning outcomes.
  • Making schools capable of delivering the curriculum at the highest quality.
  • Other need based trainings for the school owners, teachers and parents.