CEO's Message

Dear Friends of Taleem Finance Company,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Taleem Finance Company Limited (TFCL) to you. TFCL was licensed by SECP on 12th June 2019 to carry out Investment Finance services as a Non-Banking Finance Company. Our key sponsor is a renowned US based entity, Gray Matters Capital which has invested in TFCL through its subsidiary Gray Ghost Ventures Education Holdings (GGVEH), USA, a Georgia Limited Liability Company. Locally, we are privileged to have the most reputable names in the financial sector in Pakistan, Mr. Amjad Arbab, Mr. Amjad Pervez and Mr Ali Abbas Sikander, invest their capital and invaluable time in TFCL as board members.

The state of education in Pakistan has continued to deteriorate over the years with many significant yet well-known constraints that our schools face in meeting the expectations of its students to impart education worthy of giving them a secure future and sustainable employability or livelihoods. One of the major constraints that a large section of the middle and low-cost private schools segment faces is lack of financial resources to invest in institutional upliftment both in terms of infrastructure and teaching practices. It is fair to say that the financial sector has not come up to the mark in making any noticeable effort in bridging the ever-growing gap between our elite high-end private schools and the unjustifiably missed out middle/low cost private schools segment. According to rough estimates almost 60% of the school going population of the approximately 40 million in-school children go to private schools which have a whopping number of over 150,000 across the country being a conservative estimate. While only less than 10% of these schools offer the quality of education which can be considered world class the remaining 90% private schools do not even come close to the benchmark of giving its students any hopes to become eligible of getting admissions in reputable colleges and are thus left miles behind in the race for creating any sustainable future for themselves. This happens despite the tireless efforts and heart wrenching sacrifices of parents in our largest middle/low income segment of society to bear the comparatively higher fee expense for private schooling.

The time has come to take defining action in many spheres of the entire education spectrum of Pakistan. TFCL has chosen the role of being the first catalyst of its type to hand hold the middle/low cost private schools across all corners of the country and provide them easy, affordable and need based financial services as well as non-financial value added support, till these institutions become capable of crossing the barriers which have kept them at bay from giving their students a bright future. A future where they too can compete for the best in class colleges, universities and later be the employers’ choice for jobs or become entrepreneurs who can take our nation to the heights which are founders dreamt of when this great country was formed over 70 years ago.

The newly engaged and highly motivated management of TFCL, guided by its esteemed board, GMC’s technical assistance hub and a growing number of well-wishers, supporters and friends, is all set to start a new glorious chapter in education finance services in Pakistan. We need your continued patronage and will be keeping you posted on each milestone that we achieve as we embark on this mission of investing all that we can in the quality of education being offered to the children of our beloved country.


Kamran Azim
Chief Executive Officer
Taleem Finance Company Ltd