Webinar (May 2021)

Mr. Kamran Azim, CEO TFCL through the platform of Pakistan Microfinance (PMN) participated as a panelist in an online session on the topic “Addressing the challenges to the education eco-system due to COVID-19”.

A very important discussion took place between a group of veteran and expert panelists from the education and Finance industry (national & international) on practical ways to manage the existing challenges while building the capacity of the “eduprenuers” to tackle any future crisis through leveraging on alternative learning platforms. 

The Pakistan Microfinance Network (April 2021)

TFCL is excited to be the first Education Finance company to be a member of the PMN and hopes to build impactful partnerships through their platform for improving the state of education quality in Pakistan.

Newsletter – Q1 2021 (April 2021)

Team TFCL is excited to announce the achievement of a small yet important milestone in education finance as we close March with disbursements crossing over 100 million rupees to more than 100  clients in a short span of time.

In a COVID impacted period when schools and related businesses were badly hit by lockdowns, our stellar team steered through all the impediments and continued to serve this critical segment by exhibiting utmost professionalism and offering customised financial solutions for the whole education eco-system.

We consider it an important feat while realising that this is just the beginning and there is still a long way to go. We thank all our friends and supporters who continue to provide invaluable guidance to us in this journey.

May ALLAH help us in contributing more effectively towards the improvement of education quality in Pakistan.

Opportunities International (March 2021)

Taleem Finance Company Limited (TFCL) has partnered with Opportunity International Edu Finance to provide Technical Assistance services to TFCL for furthering its mission of being market leaders in providing financial and non-financial support to the entire education ecosystem, improving both sustainability of businesses and learning outcomes for students.

Impact & Gender Indicators – Facts & Figures         (As at May 31, 2021)


Clients                            140                  Schools, allied businesses & student’s parents

Schools                          079                  More than 95% Co-education          

Allied Businesses         012                  10 book & stationery shop + 02 uniform stores

Parents                          049                  76 students impacted; 57% boys & 43% girls

Teachers                       1272                More than 80% females

Students                        28045              50% boys & 50% girls

Newsletter – Q1 2021 (April 2021)

We are delighted to share the 1st Quarter 2021 Newsletter with you and hope to keep you posted on our progress in the coming months as well.